Terms and conditions

Club95 is a members only club. The services detailed below will only become available on completion of a membership, with payment of the annual membership fee. Club95 is an activity of VG Conseil Limited, which is a UK limited company, registered number 5299215. The annual membership runs for a period of one year, as from receipt of the completed application (membership application form and payment). Membership fees are payable by cheque to the order of « Vincent Gray / VG Conseil ». On receipt of the completed membership, members will be sent an invoice/receipt of payment. Members will be given a club95 membership number which will also act as a password for access to the members information website. Membership renewal reminders will be sent out to existing members by Club95, one month prior to the anniversary date. Members wishing to cancel their membership must give one months notice, and no reimbursement of the current membership fee will be due. Services will be provided in accordance with the conditions below. Additional services can be provided but other costs may be incurred.

Practical consultancy services

Club95 will advise members on matters related to :

  • - Buying property in France (assistance with purchasing procedure, understanding of "compromis de vente" and "acte de vente", etc ...)
  • - Living or retiring in France
  • - Medical / social security cover
  • - Having a UK driving license in France
  • - Insurances in France (house, car, medical)
  • - Who to contact on moving to France
  • - Obtaining a carte de sejour (if necessary)

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Free translation service

Club95 provides an informal translation service for French and English documents.

This service relates to documents not exceeding two pages of A4 and each client is able to take advantage of this service up to five times per year.

Under Club95 activities, informal translations means clients will receive a translated summary of the document contents. This is not a ‘word for word’ service but gives clients a clear understanding of the documents.

Club95 can provide a formal translation service for which there may be an extra cost. Quotes can be provided on sight of documents.

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General French tax advice

Club95 can assist members with information related to the following French taxes : income tax, capital gains tax, property taxes, wealth tax, inheritance taxes.

Club95 cannot accept responsibility for tax liabilities incurred by clients in France.

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Annual tax return service (option 2 & 3 service)

Within the annual membership fee, Club95 will complete the annual French tax returns for members in the following cases :
  • - tax returns 2042 / 2047 / 2042C for resident clients
  • - tax returns 2042 /2042C for non-resident clients

These returns cover most cases where clients are resident in France, and covers the French tax return for overseas clients letting out furnished French properties who have opted for the simplified accounting regime.

Club95 can also complete other tax returns for clients in other cases (ex : French property owners letting out furnished property opting for the full accounting regime, French residents letting out unfurnished property, tax returns for SCI’s, annual wealth tax return, etc) but an additional cost may be applicable.

Club95 cannot accept responsibility for tax liabilities incurred by members in France.

The member accepts the responsibility for providing true information to Club95 for completion of the tax returns.

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Financial information service

Club95 can provide information and advice to members on matters in France related to banking, savings and investments, and loans.

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Business consultancy service

Club95 can provide general information related to setting up a business in France.

For more detailed and technical information and assistance, additional costs may be incurred by the client.

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Telephone assistance intermediary & liaison service

Club95 will contact professional organisations (utility companies, notaires, estate agents, tradesmen, tax authorities, hotels, etc) in France on your behalf as an intermediary and to facilitate any language barriers.

It must be pointed out that some French organisations may require the members authority to provide information to Club95

Members are able to use this service up to a maximum of five times per year within the annual membership fee. Further calls can be made for members at a small additional cost.

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Club95 Infos newsletter

Club95 will provide three newsletters per year for members which will be made available on the member's website or sent by post to non internet users.

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Members information website

Club95 provides a members information website and is accessed via www.club95.fr.

This website is only accessible by members with a password provided by Club95 on completion of their membership.

Members are asked to maintain secrecy of their password to avoid third parties accessing the site on an unauthorised basis.

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This document provides the essential terms and conditions related to the various services and is not in exhaustive.