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Annual tax return service

Various taxes exist in France, some of which are not only payable by residents of France, but also by Overseas based French property owners. Two main examples come to light as follows

UK pensioners now resident in France receiving only UK based income still have to declare this income in France, whether it is taxable in France or not. As a French resident, one has to declare worldwide income. UK based French property owners letting out their French property for holiday lets have to declare this income in France, disregardless of whether any income tax will be due or not. This income is also declarable in the UK but under the Franco/British double taxation agreement, allowance is made in the UK for any French tax paid, so tax is not paid twice. Do remember that property income is taxable in the country where the property is based.

In addition to providing tax information to Club95 members, Club95 can complete your annual tax returns for you in order that you only have to sign them and forward them to the tax office.

Included in the options 2 & 3 annual membership fee, Club95 will complete the tax returns in the following cases :

Tax returns 2042 / 2047 / 2042C / for resident clients Tax returns 2042 / 2042C / for non-resident clients (simplified regime)

Club95 can also complete all other types of French tax returns for members at a small additional cost to the annual membership fee, normally not exceeding 200 euros maximum. Typical cases are tax returns for SCI’s, full accounting tax returns for French property owners letting out furnished property, tax returns for French residents letting out unfurnished property, annual wealth tax return, UK tax returns,amongst others.

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General French tax advice

Tax matters are never easy to understand in one’s own country, let alone having to deal with these in a foreign country, in a foreign language. Many differences exist between French tax regimes and legislation, and that practised in Anglo Saxon countries. Club95 can provide assistance and information related to :

Income tax Capital gains tax Inheritance tax Wealth tax Property taxes

This service does not include completion of your annual tax returns in France which is available in membership options 2 & 3

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Practical consultancy services

Having gained more than twenty years experience of practical life in France, Club95 can assist members in the following matters in France

Buying property in France (assistance with purchasing procedure, understanding of "compromis de vente" and "acte de vente", etc ...) Living or retiring in France Medical / social security cover Having a UK driving license in France Insurances in France (house, car, medical) Who to contact on moving to France Obtaining a carte de sejour (if necessary)

Most of these matters require careful consideration when moving to / living in France and if possible, it is preferable (although not essential) to seek information prior to making a full move to France.

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Business consultancy service

Setting up or running a business in France has been known to be a slightly complicated affair. French bureaucracy must not deter business persons but it is important to seek information where necessary. Business in France is very different from that in the UK.

Club95 can provide general information to members who wish to start an activity in France, or members who may have already taken that initial step and need some advice along the way. Do be aware that for some technical matters, it may be necessary to seek the advice and assistance of a French accountant, French lawyer or French notaire. Club95 can assist members in making these contacts.

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Telephone assistance intermediary & liaison service

Having a telephone conversation in French may never be easy, specially when you may be trying to find out when your electricity is going to come back on, or when the builder is coming to finish the work, or trying to fix a date with the notaire, or contacting the local tax office about a problem

Club95 can make these types of contact for you. We will act as the members intermediary and make the appropriate telephone calls, then reporting back to the member.

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Free translation service

Be sure to understand

Understanding both practical matters and more complicated technical matters in a foreign language is never easy Club95 offers a fully bi-lingual French / English service to simplify members activities with France. Within the annual membership fee, Club95 provides an informal translation service to assist members in the understanding of ongoing documentation (letters from utility companies, bank documents, tax correspondence, planning permission documentation, general correspondence, etc). In addition, Club95 can provide a formal ‘word for word’ translation service for which there may be additional costs involved. Quotes can be provided on sight of documents.

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Club95 Infos newsletter

Keeping you informed

Keeping members up to date with information and events in France is important to Club95 Club95 will provide three newsletters per year for members which will either be sent by e-mail or post The newsletter will include information related to various matters of interest to French property owners and may also be available on the members information website

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Members information website

24/24 7/7 stay informed

Becoming a member of Club95 will enable members to access the members information website. This website will include information of interest to French property owners and will be updated on a regular basis. To enhance the information available on the forum website, members are encouraged to share their experiences of life in France with club95 and other fellow members. This website will only be accessible with a password, communicated to members on completion of their membership.

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Financial information service

Finances require careful planning

Club95 has actively been involved in the financial sector in France and the UK for the past twenty five years Banking in France, applying for a loan in France, what types of savings & investment products exist, financial planning France has its own ways and methods which are not always easy to understand Club95 can assist members with information related to these various financial matters and in respect of their own financial situation Up to date information on financial matters is also available to members only on the members forum website

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