Membership information

Membership of Club95 is on an annual basis for a period of twelve months, valid from when the completed application is received by Club95.

Club95 proposes three categories of membership according to the services included as follows :

Option 1

Services included

  • Practical consultancy services,
  • Free translation service,
  • General French tax advice,
  • Telephone assistance intermediary and liaison service,
  • Financial information service,
  • Business consultancy service,
  • Half-yearly Club95 France newsletter,
  • Members information website.

Annual membership fee 170 euros (£140)

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Option 2

Service included

  • Option 1 +
  • Annual tax return service

Annual membership fee 300 euros (£250)

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Option 3

Services included

  • Annual tax return service only

Annual membership fee 215 euros (£180)

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Members letting out their French property opting for the full accounting French tax regime will incur an additional fee of 140 euros (£120) as this service invloves submitting two French tax returns, a full accounting tax return to the local tax office and a private tax return to the non-resodents tax office in Paris. Tarrifs can vary for business clients.Payments can be made by French cheque or UK cheque.

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